20 Mule Team (Boraxo Can series)100 Andies (Campbell's Soup Can Camera)
152 Duran (Canteen series)Ablutionx20 (Powder Obscura series)
Angel Poolside (Canteen series)Farley's (Powder Obscura series)
Berlin (Beer Stein series)California Girls (Canteen series)
China Camp (Canteen series)China Camp Dates (Canteen series)
Furnace Creek (Boraxo Can series)David at the Academy (Olive Oil Can series)
Desert Bloom (Boraxo Can series)Eric Showers (Powder Obscura series
Harmony Works (Boraxo Can series)Death Valley Junction (Boraxo Can series)
Five Minutes of Morning Soaps #1 (TV Set camera)Juliann (Powder Obscura series)
Liz (Powder Obscura series)Lunambulist
Margaret (Powder Obscura series)Berlin Ghost (Beer Stein series)
Not Out of the Woods YetLosing Paradise
The Prowess of BirdsRonnie's Death Valley Daze (Boraxo Can series)
Marta Becket's (Boraxo Can series)Squaw Hot Springs (Powder Obscura series)
Tecopa Hot Springs (Boraxo Can series)Unmoored in Port Townsend
Writer's Chair, MuseFive Minutes of Morning Soaps #2 (X-Brand camera)